Creative Commons Choice

The cloud has cleared – I know understand what my fellow students mean by CC BY SA…..

info creative commons

So which license would I choose?  Firstly do I have anything worth sharing?  For myself, attribution would be the most important factor.  Credit for a job done in a field where credit is not always given or received. As a ZZP’r (freelance teacher) my reputation and creativity are vital for ensuring continued work, especially in an environment where most work is by word-of-mouth recommendations.

However as Eric Moller (2005) highlights: free content and its continuation is dependent on a shared set of ideals’ say no to -NC.  Unfortunately whilst I encourage the communities that promote and follow these beliefs, there are those who are more reticent about sharing the financial rewards that can be made from public material.  Like Moller I do think however that a Share Alike license can help to restrict this in part.

But I can understand why the OU felt NC was required as part of their license agreement.  The recent trademark battle over: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ sadly shows how not having a copyright in place not only opened the door for others to make money on the back of the company who originally brought this (now-overexposed) government morale booster to the public eye; but also almost shut the original producers of this poster out completely.

But for myself, there would be no -NC.  Whilst it is annoying to see the (often) 1% benefit from the community-spirited enterprises of others, my personal work view is one that has benefited greatly from sharing ideas with others.  And of course, I need to be practical.  The simple fact is that for me to chase a company that uses my ideas and creativity for their own gain, would probably be both time and financially consuming.  And that’s not how I want to spend my time or my money.



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