‘an informal learning network that consists of the people a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from in a personal learning environment. In a PLN, a person makes a connection with another person with the specific intent that some type of learning will occur because of that connection.’ (Wikipedia, 2012)

My PLE is growing, but here is the last version.My PLE

But who are the people who contribute to my PLN.  Well as I’m currently typing this in the final IATEFL Plenary, I must acknowledge all the speakers and people I have spoken to over the last three days.  But conferences are like firework displays- a lot of impressive activity in very short period of time, but afterwards you are left with a burning impression on your brain, and it is difficult to remember the individual colours and sparks.

For me, a lot of my teaching ideas come from my children, my colleagues, and, really, anywhere.  The whole issue of the PLN is even when you doing something social, completely unintellectual or time wasting, in the back of your mind you are also connecting aspects of that activity with how that could be used in the classroom.

Joan Wrigley.jpgI was in a lovely talk with Hetain Patel, who discussed what it meant to be a non-traditional representation of being British.  It struck a note as a West-Indian, perceived as British by my students.  At the same time, coincidentally my father sent me a lovely photo of my grandmother in Trinidad in the 50s.  By the end of the day I had a new lesson planned for my advanced speaking students.  So here, inspiration and learning came not just from the ‘professional’ speaker but also from my father.


2 thoughts on “My PLN

  1. spiro602 says:

    When I was reading this I started thinking about whether our state of mind is a factor. Like you, I take learning anywhere I can get it – from my children, for a causal chat, it’s all around regardless of my circumstances. I wonder if this constant state of learning is down to what I am, what I do, I have been at school my whole life and it is difficult to switch off from that. I wonder if those people who have not been in contact with formal education for a while see the world in the same way?

    Sorry, just read this, a bit deep!! Still worth putting the thoughts out there!

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  2. erithacusrubecula says:

    Don’t apologise, it’s deep but isn’t genuine learning ‘deep’. We’re learning about learning, so we’re learning about ‘deep’ issues – AND – when we do stumble across some insight, of course that is ‘deep’ for us too.

    I feel I’ve just done a lot of recursive navel watching/scratching 😉

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