Am I a literate open learner?

Activity 24: Considering open learner literacies

Mozilla’s guide to to web literacies is indeed detailed, but in attempting to consider all aspects of web interaction it creates an incredibly complex list of literacies which many web users probably don’t, or at least didn’t, possess when they first went online.  In terms of teaching web literacies, Jenkins et al is probably more manageable.

Like Robert, I hadn’t really thought about online literacies, never mind how they might differ from everyday online activity to engaging in an OER.

Using an old school trick of how to start an essay:  Literacy is defined as:

“Competence or knowledge in a specified area”

Oxford Dictionaries Online

However we know there is so much more to it than that.  The wonders of the web, and the communities it supports means I can also find the following two definitions from Urban Dictionary

What 99.9% of is lacking.
 by Anonymous May 28, 2003
Having the ability and comprehension level enabling one to efficiently communicate with others within a specific profession.
However, a common misconception of this word defines it as having the ability to read with comprehension.
For example, a financial analyst does not have to be literate within the confines of working in the food industry, whereas a server or chef does not need the kind of literacy associated with working in the finance world.
by Anonymous January 14, 2004
So what do we need to use the web effectively?  Well terms like Transmedia Navigation and Distributed Cognition (Jenkins et al) are all very well for academic papers, but ask your typical blogger, or forum administrator what you’re talking about and they’d probably look at you blankly.  Ask them how to shut down a troll however…!  Online literacy is about knowing the world you are navigating and knowing that most users are self-taught experimenters, who are creating a new language, culture, protocols and norms as they go.
The rules can change at the drop of a hat, and censure of ‘wrong’behaviour is swift.
So here are my 6 requirements for navigating and communicating via the web:  web literacies KA
Produced thanks to a very nice, free website I found on the web.

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